Mr. Paul Corrigan Shares Some Key Points About Rosetta Valuations, LLC

In this brief video, Mr. Paul Corrigan, president of Rosetta Valuations, LLC, in Quincy,
Massachusetts, shares some introductory comments about what his company is known for. He
begins by stating, “We are a certified business valuation company working to help people when
they’re selling their business and obtaining financing through SBA bank loans.” He also assists
people who need a clear valuation of their assets when they are estate planning, gifting, or there
is either a business or marital dissolution requiring an accurate appraisal.

Starting as a business broker, he brings to the table a practical understanding of a business’ local
market. “I always say business brokers are the best evaluators. They know what the shop across
the street is going to sell for,” he explains. His dual value-add as a business broker and certified
business valuator ensures that the intricacies and details are brought out and included in the
multi-faceted final valuation report. “Whether it’s real or perceived, it is the analysis of risk that
anybody buying a business or valuing a business needs to consider,” Paul highlights.

Rosetta Valuations, LLC was formed in 2016, and with it, Paul developed his proprietary and
comprehensive software. Contributing to his aforementioned experience, this software has
proven to be a reliable and useful tool. “I’ve done hundreds of evaluations and they continue to
become more and more complex.” To further illustrate regarding his work with startups, for
example, he says, “I consistently do updated valuations for these firms. That’s becoming more
and more important to do on a regular basis. I can update my reports easily year by year.”

Ideal clients are certified public accountants (CPAs), attorneys, business coaches, and financial
planners. Appreciating the good relationship they have with their clients, Paul maximizes that
by providing thorough and timely reporting. Additionally, because Rosetta Valuations is a
growing concern, Paul retains subcontractors for real estate and equipment appraisals.
All of these factors poise Rosetta Valuations to be fast, responsive, accurate, and ultimately
deliver a detailed report. “If you’re considering evaluation or considering a major change in
your business structure, please consider Rosetta Valuations. We would love to help you!” Paul

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