Founder Paul R. Corrigan, CVA, CBI, has his roots as a business intermediary and his experience forms the basis for the values Rosetta produces for its clients. He steps back and performs the ultimate review asking, “Would the open market find this value accurate between a buyer and a seller?” Practical experience, coupled with superior analytics, provides for compelling conclusions.

All of Rosetta’s software has been developed in-house. Why is this important? Third party “black box” packages may contain assumptions and calculations that are inappropriate for your situation, yet would be undetectable to our valuators. This requires more of an investment to develop and test, but the value add is that we know where every calculation leads to and can support your report more robustly.

We provide bell curve analysis, year-to-year ratio analysis, including industry comparisons, and Altman Z-score future viability graphs. Because we own the software, we have the ability to correctly create and include this information in our reports.

Rosetta has the “Street Sense” experience, the analytical prowess, and the creativity to accurately work with you and fulfill your valuation needs.


Today’s technology offers you access to professionals and services all over the globe. So why choose Rosetta and what makes us different? We work harder to ensure our services are timely, accurate, and specific to your requirements. Highlights include:


Clear, concise, yet thorough reports.

Rosetta provides a detailed explanation of the process, the calculations, and the supporting data. It won’t be your summer must-read novel, but you will get relevant industry comparison, company trend analysis, and economic review that can help owners strategize their future.

Unique graphics.

If pictures are worth a thousand words, trends and graphs may be worth a thousand dollars! Ratio analysis can often show patterns that your standard financials simply won’t. One of our goals is to present additional insight and help you plan accordingly.

Proprietary software.

Our modeling software is developed in-house, so we know where every penny is accounted for, and we understand every nuance these numbers reveal. Crucial to our standards is our once-only data entry standard. The same data is never entered in more than one spot, so that we never have the left hand independent from the right. When we update a valuation, you can be confident the new data flows through the entire model.

Site visits.

We understand that site visits can be crucial in a valuation, but in other cases, time and budget may be a limitation. Our network of trained inspectors means we can cover most any location nationwide.


We carefully handle a lot of confidential information, and we respect that. Our procedures help maintain maximum security and privacy of your sensitive information. From proper staff training, compliance with federal and state regulations, to secure and encrypted computer systems, protection of your data is always at the forefront. We also work with your internal controls as well, so that only the right eyes see the permissible information.

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