A key component to any engagement is a clear, concise, and logical working relationship with you. Our process starts with a basic questionnaire that endeavors to address all major sectors that may influence a valuation. Often this may uncover areas that an owner might not have considered worthwhile. We then utilize a circle-in approach whereby areas of interest are explored more deeply. The goal is to save you time by only requiring your attention on significant areas.

Once we have a detailed business overview, our valuators begin the process of analyzing the business data. What is key here is that we only have one point of entry for any single piece of data. No duplication means there is no chance of cross-conflicting analysis. All data flows through the entire system. Any update in information is reflected throughout the complete valuation report.

Rosetta spends a great deal of time matching both industry comparison data and business transactions as closely as possible with the subject company. While every firm is one-of-a-kind, at Rosetta we have the experience and background to make the proper comparison judgement calls.

Our reports contrive accuracy, completeness, but most of all, readability. In a valuation report, it is imperative that the material be logical, readable, and understandable to the lay public. Each decision point is fully discussed, justified, and explained. The goal is to have you agree with the same conclusion as the valuator for the reasons described within. Rosetta works with you until these criteria are satisfied.

Reports And Project Matrix

Rosetta Valuations produces a variety of reports of differing complexity, analysis, and completeness, based upon goal definition, report requirements, as well as time/budget constraints. The following matrix offers some of the ways Rosetta can customize its engagement and reports to meet specific client needs.

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