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Rosetta Valuations, LLC was founded on the realization that many people collect and espouse a myriad of ideas on the value of business entities. Our philosophy is to provide the most unbiased report possible, yet with attention to all of the relevant facts. Accurate data collection, comprehensive research, thorough analysis, and timely delivery are the cornerstones of our business model. Offering complete valuation services for business owners, financial institutions, CPAs, attorneys, and consultants, we never take on an engagement unless we are completely independent of any relationship with all parties involved.

We concentrate on three main areas of valuation:

First, what business owners need to know, whether for benchmark determination, potential sale, or forecast projections.

Second is for consultant assistance. This could be for buy-sell agreements, estate planning, or tax planning purposes.

Third is for loan approval, either SBA or conventional. Most any acquisition will require some degree of financing and the prudent third-party lender will require an independent analysis of an acquisition. Rosetta has tremendous experience in working with lenders and in particular the intricacies of the SBA loan process.

After all the analysis, research, and calculations have been consolidated into a report, the practiced eye needs to review and ask, “Does the value make sense to the owner and speak to their years of experience?” Comparably, the buyer needs to assimilate and get comfortable with all the specific company nuances. Rosetta knows to probe into these details that make each business unique and uncover a company’s true value.

Rosetta Valuations, LLC looks to provide its clients with timely reports supported by comprehensive statistical analysis using the latest in software techniques. Thousands of dollars are spent each year on access to current data, continuing education, and in-house research and development. You can be sure with Rosetta that you have the advantage of state-of-the-art methodologies to give you a clear, concise, and most important of all, a supportable value.

Why Rosetta Valuations

Founder Paul R. Corrigan, CVA, CBI, has his roots as a business intermediary and his experience forms the basis for the values Rosetta produces for its clients. Practical experience, coupled with superior analytics, provides for compelling conclusions.

How We Work

A key component to any engagement is a clear, concise, and logical working relationship with you. Our process starts with a basic questionnaire that endeavors to address all major sectors that may influence a valuation.

Our Services

The reasons for utilizing a valuation service are as varied as the firms that request one. The purpose of the valuation, time, budget, and analysis required, uniquely combines to guarantee each valuation is one-of-a-kind.

Rosetta Valuations, LLC

"Now You Know"

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